How To Play 3 Cushion Billiards Position Play (Game)

As in all billiard disciplines, in 3-cushion billiards, shots are made not only to score points but also to prepare the next position.

The ideal area for the yellow ball to go in the next shot is rectangular. In order for the yellow ball to go to this area, it must move towards an average of 1.5 diamonds in the first cushion.

The point where the yellow ball should be hit is the red dot.

When we look from the place and angle where we will shoot, I see that the red dot ball is 2 3 mm thicker than one half.

For the cue ball to hit the shooting ball this thickness, the shot must be 9/16, ie 1/2 + 3 4 mm thick. We memorize it.

We determined that the shot thickness was 9/16 on average.

If we make the cue ball go wide in the first band as indicated by the red lines, the shot will not be scored.


The cue ball has to go to 2.5 diamonds on average in the third band. Since the shot thickness is 9/16 and I also need a right angle shot in the first band, so a puller shot of about 80 degrees, I decide I have to hit the bottom of the cue ball. Because the shot will not be too violent.

If I give the effect too much, the cue ball makes a wide angle from the first band to the second band again. So the effect should be small. In low-impact throws, the cue ball moves almost 1/1 from the second band in the third band. So the cue ball has to go to an average of 2.5 diamonds in the second band.

I decide I have to hit the long shot with a 9/16 thickness, 7.5 o’clock effect, the yellow ball with a tempo of 5 bands.


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