Detailed Carom Billiard Libre Lessons

Ball 1 cue ball, Ball 2 shot ball, Ball 3 arrival ball

Carom Billiard Libre Kleps

If we hit a short shot from the bottom of the cue ball, at 6 o’clock

The cue retracts the ball. Comes back

Carom Billiard Libre Short Hit:

The cue should touch the ball as soon as possible. The ball goes first and goes to the cue from behind. The shorter the contact time, the greater the pulling effect.

The shot ball goes to the long cushion.

From there it comes to this area

Carom Billiard Libre Cue Ball Shot Ball Relationship

Both the cue ball and the shot ball make a 180-degree movement

Ball two to go short cushion, ball 1, ball 2 from the lefti, we have to shot a 15/16 shot.
Ball two, the short cushion, we want it to go to two or three points.

From the angle we shot, from the midpoint of ball one, we look at the second ball

Passing from 2-3 points in the short cushion, through the midpoint of the second ball
we draw a line.

For the second ball to get there, this is where it should be hit. The first ball must hit the second ball from here

Spherical objects generate motion energy with a line from the point where they are hit to their centers.

Looking at your position from above, this is where the second ball should go

This is where it has to hit.

This is approximately 1/32. So it is about 2 millimeters

In order for the first gun to hit the second ball from here, we need to aim at 1/16. So we need to aim 3.5 4 millimeters.

When we aim and shot from the center of the first gun, 3.5 4 millimeters to the left of the second gun; The first ball hits the second ball 2 mm to the left of the midpoint.

Therefore, the second ball that is hit from here goes to 2-3 points in the short cushion.

Carom Billiard Libre Thick Shot Thin Shooting Action

If we shoot from 15/16 and hit the bottom of the ball again, the cue ball will come in this area, not the third ball. Because the shot is a thicker shot than it should be.

Cue ball going to the arrival ball,
and also the shot ball
To go to the short cushion corner,
We’re going to shot 15/16 again.

So the cue tip is not right from the bottom of the first ball,
We repeat the same shot, lifting 2 3 millimeters up.



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