About Bilardo Matematiği (Billiards Math) 3 Cushion Billiards


Welcome to the most comprehensive 3 cushion billiards site in the world.
I’m Abdulkadir Yazıcı. My trademark name is Bilardo Matematigi (Mathematics of Billiard).

3 cushion billiards is my biggest passion. I’m uploading new videos every week for the world billiards family.

I have 20 new 3 cushion billiard systems of mine. I work hard to make billiards easier.

World champion Tayfun Taşdemir examined my personal systems for 4.5 hours. It is a great honor for me to get full marks from this great master.

I also prepare training videos with systems from other masters.

What else is there in Billiard Mathematics: Billiards Trick shots, best shots, high run, basic, carom, 3 cushion, techniques, lessons….

I also emphasize my videos on world-famous classical systems; Diamond systems, Tuzul billiard systems, Walter Harris systems….

I analyze the videos of world famous billiard masters. Frederic Caudron, Dick Jaspers, Semih Saygıner, Daniel Sanchez, Torbjorn Blomdahl, Marco Zanetti, Tayfun Taşdemir, Tran Quyet Chien….

I draw 1/1 3D graphics with the Cad Cam program.

I have a very big family. If you want to join this family, know that I am always here. Near you.

The site is newly established. Thousands of content will be added. Three cushion billiards will be best represented.


The atmosphere of the billiards room offers a unique cultural diversity. When used as a classroom, students will soon share the difficulty of the game through a common bond through modesty. The challenge of making the simplest strokes can be fun. This alone is a great way for players to have fun together.

With appropriate orientation and peer interaction, it is readily accepted that all students are equal, regardless of their ability level. It becomes a powerful element for teachers to manage the lesson and the foundation of education.

Hand eye coordination has proven to be an indistinguishable part of logic. The table, balls, cue and a close-to-perfect application will force the player beyond measurability. Since knowledge is the source, there is no end to this mastery. A well-established way of self-esteem is open to everyone involved in this sport. If they have enough courage, everyone can reach high level abilities.



This sport requires an extremely high level of physical control while requiring a small amount of physical movement. Repetition of exercises teaches physical control of breathing techniques and a stable emotional approach. Controlling balls and cue requires mastery. Ultimately, a unique style emerges with each participant.


Billiards is a sport that requires a high concentration. Understanding this concept activates perception. Learning the formulas to make a stroke brings about the topics related to each other. Games are played on a rectangle with precise dimensions. The attraction manifests itself when the balls move. Given the knowledge acquired, creative expressions for players are unlimited.


This sport has established elements in our society. Improving self-esteem creates self-confidence. Billiards is a great tool for these features. For students who cannot find a suitable and interactive place for competition, billiards provide an opportunity with ease. Depending on the basis on which it is designed, for each player, respect and adoption are elements that build the community.


It is evident that in competitive environments, possible confusion is likely to occur in the emotional well-being of students. However, billiards are more of a competition than tables and balls.

Billiards are completely different from other sports in situations where a player will not have the chance to play. Again, this has an infinite possibility of how the balls are positioned on the table. In all other sports, each participant gets a chance to earn points. Therefore, the competitive challenge of the table and the fact that the winners are merely by the individual development of the knowledge in the game is perhaps the perfect way to learn sportsmanship.

Students who learn and play along with the rules have the opportunity to respect the game and their friends.