System 30 Bilardo Matematiği 3 Cushion Billiards Lessons

This is a Bilardo Matematiği system. Murat Tuzul from long cushion and from short cushion system. It covers Murat Tuzul systems and the calculation method is extremely easy.

System 30 Calculation

System 30 cushion shot (bricol)

On the opposite short cushion, there are numbers sorted with 20 points per diamond.

If we give effects at 9 o’clock, zero points are in the left corner.
If we give a 3 o’clock effect, zero points are in the right corner.

When we aim at 30 points and shoot
always where the cue is located is zero points.
So at the same time, arrival is zero.
The effect is 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock
maximum effect

As with all systems
The shape of the effect to be given to the cue ball
there may be differences for each player.
Some players make a very pressures shot while others do not.

Systems give scores and formulas.
The player adapts himself to the system.

Observe where the cue ball goes in the second cushion by shoot from each region.

Cue start score is always zero
In this picture the arrival score is -10 points.
So the shooting score should be +10 points.

The arrival score in this picture is +30
So I should shoot at -30 points

If the cue is in the long cushion
Back from the long cushion
We count 5 points 5 points
In the short cushion, we count 10 points
I want to go to -25 points in this picture
So I should shoot at +25 points

System 30 Examples

Understanding the position at the billiard is extremely important,
Cue ball, hit the white ball
short tape long tape short tape long tape
and will come to this region.
To come to this area
cue ball coming in front of the second diamond
player, knows with experience.
For the cue ball to hit the second diamond
needs to come to the second diamond on the second cushion.
If so arrival point, so 0, second diamond.
Effect 3 o’clock direction
0 points in the right corner
Arrival point 0, shot point 30, we draw a line
3-4 cm from the side of the firing ball
must be a passing line
Arrival point from zero
10 points I got it back
shot point from 30
10 points I got it back
So I created a line
Slightly close to the cue ball
+0,5 point = +10,5 point
cue ball
to reach zero points in the third cushion
40.5 points in the first cushion
We calculated that we should shoot

A good player won’t leave the account here
In the third cushion of the cue ball
to come in front of the second diamond
in the second cushion
He knows that he must come to this region with his experience.
hence the 3 o’clock effect
the pressure it will give
from forty and a half
37 points
will go must have an effect setting
if player
if he can think of it
anymore billiards means he started learning well

System 30 Right Angles

30 points on the short band
if i shot
cue ball
returns to the score where the cue is located
since the cue ball comes at a right angle
goes at right angles
From this corner
10 20 30 35 points
10 20 30 35 puan
so the cue ball 1/1 doesn’t move from here to here
Because it comes at right angles goes at right angles

System 30 Wide Angle

Cue ball in this position
Because it comes from a wide angle
wide angle answer goes
1/1 movement

System 30 Arrival -10 Points

In the same position
if I give the effect of 10.5 hours
cue ball goes to -10 points
the cue is here goes to -10 points
Cue ball from the second diamond 1/1 doesn’t draw a line
from the second diamond 3 goes forward by 4 points
If the shot was from here, not from here
1/1 would move from here

System 30 Arrival -20 Points

in the same position
if I shot the effect with high five
goes to -20 points
cue ball
comes to the third diamond
to come with a right angle, goes at right angles
also because the effect is less
50 goes to 55 points
So 20 25 points extra forward it moves

Ball Start Shots

Arrival ball, in the first diamond, arrival 0 point
First diamond cue ball 1/1 goes
Arrival from 0, I draw a line, 30 points
next to the shot ball, Should be 3 4 cm
shot point 30
When the cue ball touches the shot ball
can get an extra effect.
especially in thick shots

Cue ball goes 30 points
where is he going in the second cushion
we saw on the cushion shot
needs to go to the second diamond
that means
9 o’clock effect
I will adjust
cue ball
Going to the second diamond from 30 points
If the cue ball comes to the second diamond
will go to the correct arrival score

If you just started billiards
If you cannot foresee the cue ball movements
Let’s shot by observing
cue ball first, second, Third, where is it going on the cushion
let’s try to experience
As you continue playing billiards
You will see that this will improve

System 30 Shot -10 Points

Balls in the same places
If for any reason the cue ball needs to see the shot ball thin
Without any account
If we shot 20 points
10.5 o’clock
We give the effect
again towards the second diamond, cue ball if it goes
will definitely go to the right address

System 30 Shot -20 Points

If we need to take a thinner shot in the same position
In order for the cue ball to come here again
Give five effects
shot -20 point
so we shoot 10 points instead of 30 points
Of course, the cue ball here goes to the corner
goes to the first diamond, not the second diamond
The important thing in billiards
the first cushion is the second cushion relationship
this is the case for all systems
If you experience how much this correlating
you will be so successful
cue ball first diamond first diamond first diamond
if you can foresee it
if you take this into consideration
You will surely be successful


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