New Ball Effect System 3 Cushion Billiards:

Bilardo Matematiği system. It is extremely easy to learn. The 3-cushion billiard refers to all of the pool shots. It is a great system that gives both effect and thickness ratio. In the second cushion, if you know where the cue ball will fall, that is, if you understand the shortening, it is a system where you will be 100 percent successful.

Read the first video and article first. Ball Effect System Bilardo Matematiği

We do not forget that the ball effect system hitting style is a long and slow shot.
The cue ball and the shot ball are in the same line; 1/8, clock 12 shots, 25 points. The cue ball goes 25 points (Graphic 1)

1/12, clock 12 shots, 20 points. The cue ball goes 20 points (Graphic 2 3)

If the shot ball is in the first diamond

If the arrival score is 15, there is no steepness (Graphic 3)

If the arrival points is 20

+5 effect

If the arrival points is 30

+10 effect (Graphic 4)

Since the shooting ball is in the first diamond and the arrival ball is in 20 points, there is +5 effect steepness.

5+20=25 (+5) = 30

1/12 20 points, 1/8 25 points, 1/4 30 points

If so 1/4 clock 12 shot. (Graphic 5)

5+25=30 (+5) = 35

1/4 clock 12 +5 effect (clock 0,5) (Graphic 6)

Since the arrival score is 30, we have to give +10 points now.

5+30=35 (+10) = 45

1/4 30 points, 1/2 40 points

45-40= 5 effect

If so 1/2 clock 0,5 shot (Graphic 7)

The system is extremely easy. All you have to do is work with the system. While shooting, follow the angles and the places where the cue ball goes in the second band. Thus, increase your knowledge according to the angles. When you start shooting by commenting, everything will be under your control. Try a little hard hitting a little plus spin. Observe where the cue ball is going. When you interpret the Diamond system according to shortenings and elongations, you will get excellent results.

Observe the beat pattern in the videos. Interpret the system according to your own technique.


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