Step by step illustrated explanation diamond system calculator.
How to calculate diamond system 3 cushion billiards?

Diamond System Calculator

Cue ball third cushion fourth cushion arrival lines. Lines from the front of the diamond. arrival score 20.

Start point 55-20=35 or 45-20=25 error. I need a line that goes through the center of the cue ball.

The whole calculation is the same. Only 50 30 lines need to pass 3-4 cm right side of the firing ball.

How is the effect decision?

The cue ball is fired at 50 starting; From the second cushion moves 1/1 in the third cushion. So the cue ball has to go in front of the second diamond in the short cushion. I have to give the cue ball, which goes to 30 projections of the shooting score, from there an effect that will go to the second diamond in the short cushion.

1- First of all, I find the arrival score.
2- It is clear that the cue ball is at start position 40 or 45.
3- When the arrival score is 30 and above, the clock 9 effects immediately come to my mind.
4- I think that the cue ball made a shortening of 3 points from the third cushion to the fourth cushion.

Arrival point 32.

5- If we assume 45 points to the start score. 45-32=13 (-5)=8 I’m drawing a line. The line did not pass through the center of the cue ball. False. Start point 44. 44-32=12 (-5)=7 okey.

I can calculate like this; Arrival point 32 (+5)= 37

start point 44.  44-37=7

Another example calculator 4 cushion;

Arrival point 40. Start point 90. 90-40=50 (+10)=60 or 90 (+10)=100-40=60

You will understand much better when you watch videos. Diamond System 45-20 3C-4C

Diamond system 5 6 cushion shots.


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