Ball Effect English System 30:

In the 2 ball large system, a light bulb burned in my head on the question of our Youtube friend.

The question was about the shot thickness ratio and effect.

I thought that I could make this system easy through the Bilardo Matematiği 3 cushion billiards ball effect system and I started working.

Shots are now 4 cushion, not 3 cushion. So the effects had to decrease in terms of their own.

Since 1/2 shots try to return, they should be used little or shot near the center of the cue ball.

The system is very simple. 2 diamonds between two balls. The shot ball is 20 points on the second diamond. In the third diamond, 30 points … 20 points = 1/12 hours 12, 25 points = 1/8 hours 12, 30 points = 1/4 hours 12. A plus effect for each opposite angle.

We know that the cue ball should go 1/2 1/2 in front of the second band. We know the rate of shot thickness. We know the effect. We also know it’s a long shot. Only the pace of the shot remained. Let’s observe from the videos. It is inevitable to get incredible results by doing a little practice.


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