3.6 System 3 Cushion Billiards:

Half-turning figures
This chapter contains a counter-effect method that will garner admiration from your opponent … You won’t believe how exactly this works if you have absorbed this substance.
The first figure on the last band, is another figure, which makes it look like you are a professional player … and it is easy to apply.
The half-turning figure at the long corner is one of my favorites and is really a “plus” figure … and it is very common …
This 3.6 system reduces the difficulty of this type of figure … I hope this figure also becomes your favorite.
A counter-effect leash
Suddenly this system occurred to me on a flight from Chicago to Cocoa Beach …. We all know the “A” leash and it probably would have worked once the cue ball came near the corner … I don’t have often see someone try this, if the toy was bad …
The cue ball has an overshoot after the second band … a continuous push is required and of course maximum counter-effect … in order to develop an effect you have to push softly, barely reaching the fourth band.
Loops of counter effect
The running lines from the third to the fourth band are now shown here and vary depending on the material … try to find these tangent points on the fourth band at your table and remember them …
If your equipment is not suitable and you have old balls, you will have difficulties with any system … but new balls will help.

Walter Harris

The exit score is 20 shot points 0. The exit points increase by 15 points, while the shot points increase by 10 points. For example, 35 10 shots, the maximum reverse effect goes to the opposite corner.

If we want him to go higher than the corner; a) a high-paced shot b) short stroke c) shooting at +2 or 2.5 points. It is one of the oldest and most famous systems of 3 cushion billiards.


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